No Qatari interest in Arsenal

The Athletic report that despite rumours on social media, there is no Qatari interest in buying Arsenal FC. Speculation has been rife in recent days following posts on social media from officials linked with the Qatari sports group which appeared to suggest some kind of interest in the North London club.

One such post from Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani said: “I think it’s time to sell, the situation is getting worse than bad, London is red.”

The Athletic report that sources close to PSG have informed them that that there is ‘currently no Qatari interest in Arsenal of which they are aware – The perception that these Twitter accounts are closely associated with the QSI hierarchy is a source of considerable frustration to the administration.’

There’s also no indication that if the Qatari’s were to become prospective buyers, current owners Stan Kroenke’s KSE are open to selling the club.