Ben White: ‘Tomiyasu is world-class’

Arsenal defender Ben White believes teammate Takehiro Tomiyasu is ‘the best right back’ he’s played alongside. The pair joined the Gunners in the summer and are a mainstay of Mikel Arteta‘s starting XI.

Speaking in a previous interview, Tomiyasu suggested that White doesn’t always pass to him and explained the tactical reasons why.

White offered his own explanation in an interview with Goal Japan:

“I read the article about me not passing to Tomi(yasu). If you aren’t well-versed in football you might not understand, but opponents target passes to the right-back when they press.

“If I play a ball to Tomi, he’ll be targeted and it might lead to a situation where he as no options from there.

“It’s not that I simply do not want to pass to Tomi, but it is the best strategy to build up our play so that it leads to the final third.

“Tomi is amazing. He is the best right back I’ve ever played with. He’s always focused. It’s an honour to play next to him. Tomi does the simple things at a world-class level. He is very alert and he isn’t careless in games.”