Arteta: ‘Saka has a strong character’

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta believes Bukayo Saka has a ‘strong character’ and will withstand the racist abuse he has received.

The youngster missed England’s last penalty at the EURO finals and has been the subject of vile online abuse in recent days.

Speaking after Arsenals 2-1 friendly loss against Hibernian, Arteta was quick to praise Saka for his character and confirmed he had already spoken to the 19-year-old:

“Yes, I have (spoken to him. We all have, I think, spoken to him, sent messages.

“He will be fine. He is such a strong character. He has received a lot of love and support from world football, not only with Arsenal but the national team and all the English fans because he doesn’t deserve anything like [what] he has been through. He has had a phenomenal season.

“Hopefully we can use now to make a strong statement and we have to stop racial abuse on social media and people using social media to hide and put people in really bad places.

“Hopefully the laws will become stronger. I think we are all going to try and make a strong case out of that and hopefully, it can have a big impact because I think it is the moment to put that right.”