Arsenal still want to sign James Maddison

Arsenal are prepared to ramp up their efforts to sign James Maddison before the close of the transfer window. The club had previously been linked with the Leicester City midfielder but it was thought they had turned their attention to Real Madrid’s Martin Odegaard instead.

Arsenal news account The AFC Bell now reports that Arsenal are still interested in signing Maddison this summer and will increase their efforts this week.

Official communication between clubs is expected to gain upward momentum very soon and top sources at the club confirmed they they are working to make progress in the Martin Odegaard deal in the same time frame and in parallel with at least another deal in the same position.

This is other deal is understood to be a move for James Madison, which the club sees, according to what AFC Bell has been told repeatedly, as their No.1 goal.

Arsenal are working on the two deals side by side in anticipation of any hurdles or deadlocks the club might face in trying to reach an agreement with Leicester City over the value of Maddison’s deal and his inner circle speak in a tone that is more positive than ever

Arsenal see themselves as having all the power in their negotiations with Real Madrid regarding Martin Odegaard, and he is the preferred option after Maddison as a creative player, which gives the club ample room to discuss the possibility of signing but with Maddison as their No.1 goal.

The last two weeks of the transfer market will be hectic, the club aims to sign Maddison, however if this is not possible, the ongoing talks with Real Madrid regarding Odegaard pave the way for signing with the Norwegian – the club is targeting one of them, not both.